For over 100 years, Wright’s Dairy Farm & Bakery has been a staple throughout Northern Rhode Island. From its humble beginnings, Wright’s has grown into being four businesses in one: the dairy farm, milk processing plant, bakery, and retail store. With several generations of family members working here, producing quality dairy and baked goods is a family tradition, which is why they’re our new Expert of the Month!

Wright’s Dairy Farm & Bakery is rich with history—almost as rich as their milk! The farm can be traced back to 1896, with the first recorded deed. In the early 1900’s, Wright’s delivered fresh milk in cans to local houses. Years later when pasteurization became necessary, the Wright family built a dairy processing plant and continued their home delivery route, storing milk and cream in glass bottles.

In the 1970’s, Edward Wright stopped the milk deliveries and opened a retail farm store to sell milk and eggs. It was then that the idea of a bakery started to take root. Claire Wright, Ed’s wife, began using their milk and eggs to make goods to sell in the store. The official Wright’s 

Wright’s Dairy Farm & Bakery

bakery opened in 1976, and over the next 40 years, the bakery steadily grew to what it is now. Today, Wright’s includes everything from “Claire’s Classics” desserts to a full line of baked goods, pastries, and decorated cakes.

Over the years, Wright’s has grown from being a dairy farm with a dozen cows to having over 120 cows! The dairy farm is a unique feature of Wright’s because they not only care for and milk their cows but they also pasteurize and bottle their own milk on-site within 24 hours. When it comes to their milk, they do everything the Wright way. They keep their milk as natural as possible. Additionally, they don’t use any synthetic hormones on their cows or fortify their milk with Vitamin D. At Wright’s they know that the key to great milk is happy cows!

Wright’s Dairy Farm & Bakery has been with us for more than 10 years. Office Administrator Elizabeth Dulude explains that “we started with IT Support RI because they were close and local; we stayed with them because they’re always there when we need them.” Elizabeth continues “Whenever we’ve had an issue or growing pain, they’re right there taking care of it. Having formed a personal relationship with the team over the years has been terrific. It makes my job so much easier to be able to work with a team like that.”

Wright’s Dairy Farm & Bakery now offers online orders for pickup! Whether you want to order your everyday favorites or your holiday desserts, you can order ahead and select the time you’d like to pick up your goodies. Visit or call them at 401-767-3014 to learn more!