Cyber Security

A lack of cyber security can harm your business. Protecting your assets can be easier than you think.

Cover Your Bases

Beginning with a full network security audit, you can get a crystal-clear picture of what holes currently exist and what to prioritize first. For example, having a Security Firewall to protect your network should be a high priority. Also, enabling multi-factor authentication (MFA) on any logins that access sensitive information (like emails or banking sites) should be required for all users. Lastly, a password management program is key to avoiding ‘brute force’ attacks from weak or re-used passwords. 


Creating A Plan

With an experienced cyber security consultant like us, we can increase your company’s defense against the most common cyber-attacks. Furthermore, your cyber security plan does not stop at the hardware level. We give you the tools needed to properly train your staff in positive security practices. Most of all, we will assist you in security awareness training, web-filtering, behavioural antivirus, and other ‘front-line’ defenses systems. Once you look at how a lack of cyber security can harm your business, you can begin to protect it. 

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Start focusing on your business, not your IT problems.

Know Thy Enemy

The first question you must ask yourself is “what (or who) am I up against”? Any expert tactician will tell you that you must know your enemy before you can protect against them. This is extremely true when it comes to cyber security. Everyone involved needs to know exactly what they’re protecting themselves against. It doesn’t matter if you have your own in-house or outsourced IT staff, there is no “one-size-fits-all” cyber security plan. Yet, with our help, you can develop a strategy that works for your business.

Together, we review what types of attacks are most common in your industry. Some common threats are social engineering, brute force intrusion, Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) breach, key loggers, and the biggest one; ransomware. Ideally, your team would review these threat types a few times a year.

Look at how each type of threat can affect your network, intellectual property, and proprietary data (like customers and financials). Part of our cyber security plan is to work with you.

First, we start by determining what type of cyber security you have (or need) for protecting your devices. Next, what type of data do those assest have access to (regulated, mission-critical, low-importance, etc.)? Only after you have an outline of your threats and the devices within your business can you start to address the issues. What is the most critical part of your business? Which threats can harm us the most? How many devices are susceptible to these attacks? When you can answer these questions, then you can properly implement our cyber security plan.

A good cyber security plan allows you to focus on preventing downtime events and security breaches instead of reacting to them. Once it’s in place, your technology will begin to increase productivity and efficiency across your entire business. 

Security Oriented

Our company is security oriented with all technicians required to pass annual background checks and maintain HIPAA certifications. Every backup we setup is encrypted, both locally and in the cloud. We help our clients incorporate safe practices within their business by providing Acceptable Use Policy (AUPs) templates. Also, we educate clients on why such measures are needed to keep them (and their business) safe.

Dedicated Professionals

All our clients not only receive support from an entire team of professionals but also their own “Account Manager”. This person is their direct contact for special requests, questions, and projects. Our focus is quality support with a personal touch.

Rapid Response

Stop waiting days (or even weeks) to get in touch with someone. We are available during normal business hours or on call for emergency service if needed. Our team consists of all local technicians in the US, so no more calls overseas. We can solve your issues remotely, over the phone, or onsite.

I want to take this opportunity to thank IT Support RI for allowing Leo and JT to work with me on the NIST/CMMC project. They have done yeoman’s work and have been an invaluable asset to this project… not even mentioning the burden they have taken off of my shoulders. Yesterday’s 8-hour NIST Assessment audit was a good example of their professionalism, expertise, tireless efforts, and focus on “what’s best for the customer”.  The auditor has mentioned to me, on a few occasions, how impressed he is with “my team” (which includes Leo and JT), how knowledgeable my team is regarding the new cybersecurity protocols and government flow down requirements, and how far ahead we are of our competition.

 I hope the work done on this project provides an opportunity for IT Support RI to grow its own customer base, as they are becoming true experts in this growing cybersecurity space.

Liora K Stone

President, Precision Engineering Inc.

Since IT Support RI has taken over as our IT Department, we have gone from needing someone here all week to now only one day a week. Even if a project or emergency comes up unexpectedly, we can quickly call a tech onsite (or handle remotely) to deal with our issues. They continue to steer our tech needs in the right direction and guide us towards the best solutions available. I highly recommend IT Support RI services and IT help.

Marc Caron

V.P. of Manufacturing, W.R. Cobb Company

About Our Team

IT Support RI is an IT service and consultation company that focuses on quality support with a personal touch. What makes us different is that we pride ourselves on our dedication to our clients and the rapid response time in which we resolve their IT issues. We firmly believe in preventing IT problems and solving them quickly should they arise. We love all things IT and everyone within our business has a passion for technology, which reflects in our work and service.

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