Our on-site project team at IT Support RI recently performed an extensive network cleanup for our clients at Antron Engineering. We’d like to share the impressive transformation with our readers! This particular network rack began as many others do: A tangled mess of wires without much rhyme or reason to their placement. 

Our project team – PJ, Jason, and Connor – performed a radical transformation for our clients.

They started with the network you see below: 

Using their expert setup and cable management skills, the project team produced something much better:

The difference is clear even to a casual observer! The project team took this network from a chaotic headache to something that makes sense at just a glance. This is how a network rack should look: Proper cable management, easily identifiable cables organized by color, and easy access to all equipment and peripherals. This is just one example of the kind of work our expert project team offers here at IT Support RI.

If you’d like to receive IT service of a similar caliber at your company, please get in touch with us!