As a leading Managed Services Provider in Rhode Island, IT Support RI is deploying Lenovo* laptops with Intel Optane memory H10 with solid state storage (Intel Optane memory H10), in order to increase customer productivity, accelerate refresh and grow their business.               

What type of customer and applications did you select to test the Intel Optane memory H10?

“We deployed the Lenovo* T490 with Intel® Optane™ memory H10 with Solid State Storage with one of our clients’ sales reps because he travels often and uses his laptop for many Powerpoint presentations and the company’s CRM software.  He’s on-the-go and is routinely either starting his laptop from a sleep state or a cold state, and he has been frustrated by the slow response.”

Leo Cote, Chief Administrative Officer, IT Support RI

How did you test the solution?

“We tested it against another Lenovo system that was a few years old and had a spinning HDD.

“We tested both startup times and app load times. The rep often works in large Excel spreadsheets that could take up to 15 seconds to load on his old laptop.  On the Lenovo T490 with Intel Optane memory H10, the Excel worksheet loaded in one second or less. The read speeds of the drive were much, much faster compared to a regular SSD. So, if you have files that require a lot of read speed, you’re going to see a huge difference.”

Leo Cote, Chief Administrative Officer, IT Support RI

How did your customer respond to the performance?

“He liked it for the speed and that he wasn’t waiting for his PC to boot up.  He felt he could get a lot more work done and be more effective—even if it’s just a couple of minutes less getting an Excel spreadsheet to load, that makes a difference.

“The battery life was much better, too—two times as good as the older laptop—and he usually got four or five hours of work out of it.  That could have been because of the SSD versus the HDD, or it could have been that the apps performed faster.  But, the sales rep definitely noticed it.”

Leo Cote, Chief Administrative Officer, IT Support RI

How does this solution fit into your managed services offering?

“PCs with Intel Optane memory H10 are an easy sell, especially when we can show clients the productivity savings.  And for us, as a managed services provider, it helps, too.  Now a client reboot is a 30 second process instead of taking 2 to 5 minutes.”

Leo Cote, Chief Administrative Officer, IT Support RI

Lenovo systems have longevity

“All of our desktops and laptops are from Lenovo. I like their longevity and resiliency.  We have very little trouble with them.  We love that all the desktops support three monitors right out of the box.”

Leo Cote, Chief Administrative Officer, IT Support RI

Activity With Intel® Optane™ memory H10 Benefit
Launch documents 4x faster Less waiting, more accomplished
Launch presentations 6x to 8x faster depending on presentation size Dramatic productivity savings over the course of a year
Load workbooks 6x faster Improved efficiency
IT Support RI’s deployment of PCs with Intel® Optane™ memory H10 with solid state storage yields better customer productivity and reduced TCO1

Based on field testing by IT Support RI during February 2020
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