Services & Support

We provide many different products and services to keep your business running as smooth and efficient as possible.

Rapid Response
We pride ourselves on our rapid response time of 15 minutes or less. We also provide after-hours notifications of critical server issues to keep you informed along with a 24/7 emergency after-hours support number. This way, you never feel that your IT issues have to wait.
Included Support

Our maintenance plan includes remote and onsite service during normal business hours. We also include unlimited offsite/local server backups, 24/7 server & desktop monitoring, and comprehensive vendor support.

Security and Maintenance
We provide cloud based antivirus protection to ensure you have the most up-to-date defense for your network. Combine that with additional anti-malware protection, software patch management and a security firewall, your business will have a security backbone that it deserves.
Reporting and Compliance
We understand the need to stay up to date on your compliance, whether it be HIPAA, DOD, or any other industry specific regulations. That is why we take it upon ourselves to keep all our technicians HIPAA certified and have them take background checks annually to ensure that we not only meet our standards, but yours as well! We also provide a monthly IT security report via email as well as a list of your IT assets available upon request.
Full Version of Microsoft Office
Never have to worry about purchasing the newest version of Microsoft Office again! Our Hosted Exchange package comes with the full versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Publisher, and OneNote. Get the full Office versions for your devices for both workstations and tablets.
Security and Support

Stop dealing with spoofs, spam, and phishing scams! Our email service includes protection against all of these nuisances and keeps your communication lines secured. We also have “remote wipe” features to completely destroy the data on mobile devices (like cell phones and tablets) in case of loss/theft. This way, your information stays private, even if your device is out of your hands. Not sure how to handle all these features? That’s OK because we include support for all your devices on the plan.

Cloud Based Emails

With our cloud based email solution, you never have to worry about accessing your emails from different locations and things being “out of sync”. Our email service allows you to access your emails via workstation, phone, tablet, and online with everything in sync and up-to-date across the board. Emails, calendars, and contacts are all stored on the cloud for access anywhere you can get online.

Chat Features
Eliminate running back and forth within the office to chat with employees and co-workers. Our plan includes Skype for Business – a business grade chat software with HD video conferencing capabilities. Great for keeping in touch with you team members both in the office or working remotely.
Real-Time Activity Monitoring
Stop wondering if your employees are working to their full potential while at their computer. Gain the ability to view what your employees have been doing online during working hours. Administrators can view a live data stream of the active window for any monitored device.
Alarms for Non-Productive Work
You can set policies in place for specific unproductive programs and websites. Create an alarm to alert you to when someone goes on social media, take a screenshot and alert the user that they are not being productive. Do they need to be on FaceBook for their job? You can customize exceptions to every rule.
Compliance Options
Need to document what employees do on their computers for government and federal regulations? Don’t be left wondering how you will document everything, it is all done automatically. Are you in the healthcare industry and afraid screenshots will violate HIPAA compliance? No worries! Screenshots can be disabled while still logging sites visited and applications opened, along with users, times, dates, and device.
Workflow Insight
Do you have multiple people doing similar jobs? Review reports to see if one employee out-performs others on similar tasks and find out what productive processes can be duplicated. Increase overall productivity of your company by mimicking efficient ways of producing results among your team.
Redundant Failover System
Time is money and if your business stops, so does the money. A Quick Restore Server (QRS) that can take over for your main server in case of an emergency will be installed. This QRS will be able to handle your business operations in place of your main server, allowing your business to keep working while your main server is repaired.
Rapid Restores
If your main server goes down, we will restore that server to your QRS and have it up and running within an estimated 3 hours or less. This minimizes downtime for your business and the impact an outage would have on your client services.
Work While Repairs Are Performed
Don’t risk losing clients or throwing money out the window by being closed for downtime. With a QRS, your business can run off the backup server during emergency situations. Retain your clients, employees, and reputation by planning before disaster strikes.
Business Continuity Plan
Many corporate and government projects require the business suppling services to have a Business Continuity Plan that includes minimal downtime with redundant backups. A QRS satisfies many prerequisites to these types of contracted work. Utilizing a QRS makes compliance easy for your business.
Work While Service is Restored
If your main ISP does not know when service will be restored, your business can continue to work off the backup ISP until your main ISP functional again. We will contact your ISP on your behalf for status updates and estimated service restoration times. Don’t risk losing clients or throwing money out the window by being closed for downtime.
Redundant Internet Failover
Our Backup ISP is cloud-based. This means it does not rely on the local cable and fiber-optics lines running into the building. Our Backup ISP relies on the same satellites that our phones use for internet service. This is a great option in case there is a local outage in the area.
Avoid Lost Productivity
Almost every business relies on the internet to run their day-to-day operations. Cutting off the internet puts your employees and most production at a standstill. Using a Backup ISP will combat this by enabling an automatic internet failover. If your main ISP goes down, the Backup ISP will take its place until your normal service is restored.
Perfect for Cloud Computing
With many businesses converting to all cloud based software, they are at the mercy of their local ISP to get work done. If your business needs the internet for mission critical functions (like Electronic Health Records) then a Backup ISP is perfect for you. Have the peace of mind knowing you can still work if there is a local outage.
Customize and Scale
Whether you have 5 or 50 people working in your office, you can use VoIP Telephones to bring your business communications up another notch. Our VoIP Telephone Services allow you to scale with your business needs and add that extra touch of professionalism between you and your clients.
Connections with Ring Groups
Integrate one or more extensions to ring when a call comes in. This allows for anyone who is available to pick up the call quickly and easily. This is great for if someone is on the phone already or away at lunch. Features can allow for a “simultaneous” ring to call everyone at once or a “round-robin” style that can ring extensions in a customized order, moving to the next extension after a set time.
Hold, Park, Forward, and Voicemail

Our service allows you to utilize many popular phone features that many big corporations have. Callers on hold will listen to hold music as they wait. Enjoy the simplicity of being able to forward a call to another extension with the push of a button. Put the caller in “Call Parking” and the next person available can pick up the call fast. If everyone is unavailable, every extension has the option for their own personal voicemail with options for email alerts.

Transfer Your Existing Number
Your business phone number is part of your identity or brand. Moving to our VoIP Telephone Services includes porting or transferring your current phone number to our service. No need to get a new identity, we can keep everything in tact with minimal downtime during the transition phase.